Sauna water marathon, Saunawassermarathon,
from Finland to Germany

11.06.2022 – 25.10.2022


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Saunawassermarathon – In a nutshell


The International Sauna Congress (ISC) has been organised by the International Sauna Association (ISA) every four years since 1956. The next will be held in Stuttgart from October 24 to 27, 2022, in parallel with INTERBAD, the world’s largest international trade fair for swimming pools, saunas and spas.


As host of this year’s congress, the Deutscher Sauna-Bund (Eng. German Sauna Association) is responsible for the organisation and programme. It is a member of the ISA, which has its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.


The idea, born on the benches of the Rajaportti sauna in Tampere, Finland:

In the style of the relay race to carry the Olympic torch, pure Finnish lake water is to be brought to the International Sauna Congress in Stuttgart in a sauna bucket.



The beautiful, simple Finnish sauna culture should be made visible in a fun way and also be shown as an alternative to the sauna culture of Central Europe, with its often inflexible and somewhat complicated set of rules. The focus is on presenting the simplicity and originality of Finnish sauna bathing. What Finnish and German sauna practices have in common is the connection between the natural and the social: communal sauna connects people and also countries.


At the same time, we want to make the diverse relations between Finland and Germany visible and promote Finland as a wellness country.


Project organisers:


Deutsch-Finnische Gesellschaft e.V. (DFG) and the Finnish Institute in Germany

Cooperation partners:


Rajaportti-Sauna, Visit Finland, Finnlines, Rento, Visit Tampere / Sauna Capital Tampere

Schedule and Route:

Start at the Rajaportti-Sauna in Tampere, Finland, on June 11 2022 at 3pm (Finnish time)


In connection with the World Sauna Forum on June 7 and Finnish Sauna Day on June 11. The ceremony, with the Declaration of Sauna Peace and the start of the Saunawassermarathon, will be livestreamed on the Saunawassermarathon Facebook page.

Destination: Stuttgart, October 25 2022


In connection with the International Sauna Congress (ISC) 24-27.10.2022 and the trade fair INTERBAD (International Trade Fair for Swimming Pools, Saunas and Spas) 25-28.10.2022. As part of the opening of the congress on 25.10 at 8.30 am, the final steam will be celebrated with real lake water from Tampere, which has travelled through Germany.

On 11 June, the Saunawassermarathon will begin as part of the celebrations for the Day of the Finnish Sauna. The starting point will be the traditional historic sauna of Rajaportti in the Pispala district of Tampere, a city located in the centre of Finland. The water will be drawn from the nearby lake Pyhäjärvi and bottled, and will then make its way to Germany in the sauna bucket after a formal opening ceremony. As part of the ceremony in Rajaportti, the annual sauna peace is declared in different languages. The Rajaportti sauna is an ideal starting point for the sauna water marathon: it is the oldest public sauna in Finland that is still in operation and open to all sauna lovers.

From Tampere, the sauna water’s journey leads to Helsinki. From there, Finnlines brings the water by ship to Travemünde and from there the bucket is transported by foot, bicycle, horse, train, car or other means of transport to Stuttgart. After all, the German-Finnish Society has almost 8,000 members, so there’s no shortage of people to carry the sauna water! On the contrary, there is a particularly good opportunity for all DFG members to put their commitment into practice. But importantly, everyone is welcome to take part in the marathon, not just DFG members!

How does it work?


The website allows you to coordinate and keep track of the whole marathon. There, supporters can sign up and register to participate. The DFG and the Finnish Institute can identify and bridge gaps between the sauna bucket carriers as well as coordinate PR. One can follow on a map where the sauna water is currently moving and what events are taking place in the area.


Everyone carrying the bucket can also honour the journey by organising a special event: It can be anything that supports the basic idea! Saunas, concerts, lectures, film evenings, mölkky, meditation, mushroom picking – but always related to the Finnish sauna and Finland. All of these events will be posted on the website and each in its own way contributes to the bigger picture.

PR und public relations:


To promote the project, there is the Saunawassermarathon website. It explains the details of the marathon and offers many opportunities for participation and interaction.

In addition, we do nationwide press and public relations work, coupled with social media channels on Facebook and Instagram. You can find us there under the name Saunawassermarathon.







Deutsch-Finnische Gesellschaft


Finnish Institute






World Sauna Forum


SWM in brief:

  • 11.6.–25.10.2022
  • From Tampere to Stuttgart
  • A sauna bucket travels through countless hands across Germany
  • Organisers: Deutsch-Finnische Gesellschaft and the Finnish Institute in Germany

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